Grace Groups


Grace Groups are a gateway to deeper discipleship, an asset when plugging into Small Groups or Adult Ed and an important step in becoming a leader. We offer Grace Groups twice a year.

7 Weeks
6 Stories Shared
2 Leaders Coming Alongside
1 Great Story of Redemption

What is a Grace Group?
  • Short term, relationally intense micro group (5-6 people)
  • Good jumping off point for deeper discipleship at GBR
  • Chance to see how we're the same. Our stories may be different but our heart need is the same
  • Opportunity to build authentic and deep relationships with others; to be known and know others
  • 10 weeks, gender specific, multi-generational
  • Focused on unpacking your story and seeing how it connects to the Great Story of Redemption – connecting your life to Jesus’ life
  • Uses a book as a tool to stir up the heart and reveal idols and sin struggles
  • Gateway into leadership at GBR
  • Hands On experience listening, caring, and praying for one another


For more info, or to find out how to sign up for our next round, email:


Michael Coggin



Brandi White