One on One



“Mentoring is the method by which we do personal discipleship. This perspective values life on life discipleship, based on building deep and meaningful relationships that serve as the means for communicating the Gospel and helping others grow in grace.

One on One discipleship is walking alongside others in the daily struggles of life. It is investing time and energy in others. It is engaging in intentional and honest relationships, focused on growing together in the life-changing Gospel.

Discipleship helps us see our stories and ourselves in context of God’s overarching story of Redemption and Grace.

Mentor relationships focus on deepening dependence on Christ, deepening relationships within the Church through authentic community, and encouraging and equipping believers to turn around and invest in others.

We believe that healthy disciples make more disciples and that when people are discipled, they will move from consumer to contributor as the Holy Spirit leads and equips.

One on One Discipleship is different than:
Like counseling, we value helping people achieve emotional, social and physiological health, however One on One Discipleship primarily focuses on Spiritual relationship with Christ. We do have a great list of resources for Gospel-centered counselors in our area.

One on One Discipleship is different than:
Biblical teaching is important, but the primary focus of One on One Discipleship is one-on-one or small group discussions with people on the same journey of faith. We have wonderful opportunities for teaching through our Adult Ed Discipleship.

One on One Discipleship is different than:
Hanging Out
Fellowship and trust is essential, but One on One Discipleship is friendship with an intentional focus on spiritual and emotional health.


Interested in meeting with a One on One Discipleship Mentor? We would love to grab a cup of coffee with you and talk about it more!

Interested in discipling others? We would love to talk to you about the opportunities to love and serve others in this way!

For Men’s Discipleship, contact


Michael Coggin

For Women’s Discipleship, contact


Brandi White