Adult Classes

The goal of our adult education classes are to provide opportunities for interdependent spiritual growth in such a way that we are challenged to think about Jesus in ways that challenge our hearts and stretch our faith. Our classes will focus on what it looks like to be dependent on Christ by exploring Scripture and searching our hearts for what it means to participate in the kingdom of God with a gospel centered life.

Class Types

(all adult ed classes meet at the church either on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings)

Discipleship Classes:

These classes are co-ed and moderator led, in a group setting. The curriculum will focus on discipleship where those who come will participate in group discussion with gospel centered content meant to challenge our hearts and minds to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in relation to the Christian life. It is not a lecture experience rather a group experience of sharing and reflection.

Bible / Theology Classes:

These classes are taught in a lecture style and the general experience feels like a classroom experience. Time usually will be provided for Q&A and sometimes class discussion depending on time.

Examples of Classes In The Past:

  • Spiritual Gifts and the works of the Holy Spirit (Lecture Style)
  • What we Believe at Grace Blue Ridge (Lecture Style)
  • Giants of the Faith and Church History (Lecture Style)
  • Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp (Discipleship Style)
  • How People Change by Paul Tripp (Discipleship Class)
  • A Quest For More by Paul Tripp (Discipleship Class)

Future Classes:

  • The Five Love Languages (Sunday Mornings--Discipleship Class)
  • A Book of the Bible Study
  • A Historical Study of the Book Of Isaiah

For questions or to communicate a desire to participate in an adult class please contact:

Michael Coggin

Assistant Pastor of Counseling and Discipleship